Warmer Weather is Here — Here’s How Artificial Grass Gets Your Family Outside

Spring is in full swing, and summer is right around the corner! That means it’s time for fun outdoor activities with friends and family. Artificial turf installation introduces new ways to enjoy your backyard with unique landscape features.

Quality synthetic grass products set you up for a spectacular summer. They’ll save you time and money on costly maintenance while providing a safe, beautiful space to play and lounge. Leave the screens behind and enjoy the sun when you install artificial turf in Orange County.

Read our guide on the landscape additions that will transform your lawn into an irresistible oasis of outdoor fun. Then, contact Grizzly Turf & Pavers to bring your vision to life!

Install Artificial Putting Greens

Skip the drive to the country club and install an artificial putting green in your backyard! These luxury features allow for hours of outdoor play with family, friends, and even your little ones. Invite the whole neighborhood for ice-cold lemonade and a few rounds of putt-putt!

Backyard putting greens made from synthetic grass are easier and cheaper to maintain than their traditional counterparts. Keeping your grass the perfect length for consistent ball rolls is a nightmare, but artificial turf products are pre-cut to the perfect length.

Artificial putting greens can be customized to suit your skill level and lawn size, affording a personalized gameplay experience. At Grizzly Turf & Pavers, we bring PGA-quality courses to your backyard!

Elevate Your Patio Space

Traditional patios are beautiful lounge spaces. However, you can take yours to the next level with artificial turf installation. The gentle, cushioned texture of synthetic turf will elevate the comfort of your patio space while adding a pop of verdant color.

Get creative with synthetic grass used on a section of your patio as a unique lounge space for pets. Your furry friends can rest while everyone enjoys drinks, food, and good times! However, that’s not all that pet turf is suitable for.

Synthetic Turf for Pets

The lush, lifelike texture of artificial pet turf is perfect for dogs! It is non-toxic and lead-free, with irresistible hues, ideal for creating a private dog park. Thanks to pet turf, your furry friends can roam, play, and lounge for hours in a green oasis.

Pet turf is porous, making it the ideal bathroom for dogs. It’s safe, antibacterial, and simple to clean, so your family’s outdoor space will remain a fresh paradise. Thanks to the robust engineering of pet turf products, your dogs won’t be able to dig up your lawn.

Give your whole family a safe space to enjoy the summer season using artificial pet turf.

Maximize Safety with Playground Turf

When kids play, they go all out—running, jumping, skidding, and following their imaginations with abandon. Playground turf is a popular landscape alternative that can give your kids a safe place to indulge their playful spirit. It can reduce the risk of injury and even grass stains.

An expert artificial turf installer can add an under-foam padding beneath your synthetic grass to double your lawn’s protective power. The added shock absorption makes play more comfortable and reduces the likelihood of major injuries. 

You can also use synthetic grass to create a private space for outdoor workouts. If you need extra motivation to push yourself, there’s nothing better than sunlight and fresh air!

Next-Level Swimming Pools

Add luxurious comfort to your pool with synthetic turf installation. Traditional pools use stone or concrete, but artificial grass is a lavish alternative that boosts enjoyment and safety. The life-like texture is soft on feet and slip-resistant.

Residential turf has advanced drainage systems that prevent pool water from puddling or creating a slippery surface. Moreover, its UV stabilization keeps your pool area cool and comfortable even during the fierce summer months.

Turn your pool into a lush paradise with artificial grass installation by Grizzly Turf & Pavers. We’ll work with you to find the right color, tuft length, and texture to suit your style!

Find a Trusted Artificial Turf Installer Near You

Grizzly Turf & Pavers serves Orange County residents with premium synthetic grass products. We prioritize high-quality materials backed by a meticulous installation process that leaves you with a lush, durable oasis that lasts for years.

We handle the whole process from beginning to end, ensuring a flawless artificial grass installation. Our services include commercial turf, pet turf, artificial putting greens, and hardscaping to complement your evergreen lawn.

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