How Does Pet Turf Eliminate Lawn Damage?

A clean, comfortable lawn is essential to making the most of your home. After all, if you aren’t comfortable in your outdoor space, you’re less likely to get outside and enjoy the sun. However, it can be tricky to maintain a pristine lawn while having pets.

We love our furry friends, but they wreak havoc on your lawn. Dig holes, stains, urine odors and more can disrupt the enjoyment of your backyard, to say nothing of what your guests will think. Fortunately, artificial pet turf offers a cost-effective solution to these issues.

Learn how to prevent lawn damage while giving your home an elevated curb appeal by installing pet turf in Orange County!

Preventing Stains & Burnt Patches

To your dog, the backyard is more than a play space. It’s also their bathroom. Unfortunately, the nitrogen in urine can burn or stain natural grass. You’d need to invest in extra chemicals to remove these stains, which would cost you time and money.

Synthetic grass products are designed to withstand pet messes without staining or burning. All you have to do is rinse artificial turf to maintain a clean, healthy appearance. You’ll save time, money, and the stress of having a stained lawn.

Robust Construction

Pets can be rough with your lawn, digging into it and ripping individual blades from the soil, producing holes and bald patches. This creates a less-than-appealing aesthetic and an awkward, uneven lawn littered with trip hazards.

Artificial pet turf is specially engineered to withstand even the most enthusiastic pups. Robust backings optimized by formidable tuft-bind technology keep turf fibers in place, regardless of digging, foot traffic, or fierce summer storms.

Durability is a hallmark of synthetic grass and is a primary reason why more homeowners seek artificial turf installation. When you trust a professional like Grizzly Turf & Pavers, you can be confident that your lawn will withstand the demands of daily life.

Keep a Fresh Smelling Lawn

Visual aesthetics are just one aspect of what makes a comfortable, appealing lawn. Odor is another even more critical factor to consider. Unfortunately, owning a pet means dealing with unpleasant odors left behind by pet messes.

Residential turf is manufactured with unique drainage systems that quickly eliminate pet messes. This prevents them from collecting and fermenting in your lawn, breeding a strong smell. Instead, pet turf ensures your lawn stays smelling fresh as spring flowers!

An artificial turf installer can add antimicrobial infill to your fake grass lawn. In addition to adding crucial ballast, turf infill removes bacteria and smell-producing particles. 

Premium Pet Turf in Orange County

A pet’s paradise is within your reach! Grizzly Turf & Pavers provides premium artificial turf installations to homeowners in Orange County and beyond. Our elite service is provided by experienced professionals who know synthetic grass products inside and out.

No matter what you envision, we have the landscaping expertise to bring it to life. We’ll save you time and money with fast and efficient service, topped with a smile! Our services include artificial putting greens, commercial turf, and hardscaping to complement your lavish green space.

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