Is Doing Your Own Artificial Grass Installation Worth It?

Artificial grass is surging in popularity across the country — and for a good reason. The efficiency and aesthetic benefits of synthetic grass are enticing home and business owners to make the switch and increase their property’s curb appeal. 

However, with property owners’ desire to acquire synthetic grass comes the desire to install it on their own. While performing a DIY artificial turf installation may sound like a good idea, there are various questions you’ll have to ask yourself, which may lead you to leave your project to seasoned, skilled artificial grass installers, such as the experts at Grizzly Turf & Pavers.

What Do You Know about Artificial Grass Installations?

If you think installing artificial grass is like laying out a new area rug, you are sorely mistaken. There is no cookie-cutter approach to a synthetic grass installation; no two properties are the same, each with their own distinct features and characteristics.

It is essential to know about the various types of synthetic grass that exist and the myriad options for backing and infill available. Chances are, you’ll end up finding yourself mentally exhausted trying to become an artificial grass expert overnight, so it might be best to leave the work to a trusted artificial grass installer. 

What Kinds of Tools Do You Have?

You wouldn’t unclog your toilet with a hairbrush, so why would you try to install your own synthetic turf with basic gardening tools? Contrary to popular belief, you’ll need a lot more than a wheelbarrow and a Stanley knife to install artificial grass properly.

There are special tools that only professional artificial grass installers have access to — such as a vibrating plate compactor and a turf cutter — that ensure a fast, efficient synthetic turf installation. Unless you’re willing to make a significant investment in acquiring these tools, leave the job to a professional; it’ll save you time and money in the long run!

Can You Physically Handle an Artificial Grass Installation?

Even if you have the latest and greatest in artificial grass installation technology, the equipment is only as useful as the person using it. No equipment will ever be a substitute for hard work and intense labor; with DIY synthetic grass installation, you’ll be on your feet for hours and putting immense strain on your body.

Professional artificial grass installers, such as the team at Grizzly Turf & Pavers, have been trained and conditioned to withstand the rigorous demands of installing artificial turf. The best part? You get to kick back and let someone else do the work!

Will You Have the Time to Complete Your Project?

On average, a typical residential artificial grass lawn measures at about 540 square feet. For experienced artificial grass installers, a project of this magnitude would take at least two days. For DIY’ers, expect to spend twice as much time. Keeping this in mind, will you have this kind of time to spare?

Sure, you might save money on not hiring professional synthetic grass installers, but what you save on money, you’ll end up expending on time. After all, time is money, so you might just end up breaking even.

Now that you’ve learned about the many things it takes to install your own artificial grass, why not leave it to the pros? Grizzly Turf & Pavers is the leading artificial grass installer in Laguna Niguel and all of Orange County, and we specialize in creating breathtaking residential and commercial synthetic grass installations that are efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and built to last. Our team of artificial grass installers will work with you, from consultation to installation, and make sure that your artificial turf vision is made a reality. To experience The Grizzly Difference for yourself, call us at (866) 237-8873 or reach out to us online!