Artificial Grass Tips for Pet Owners

If you’re considering artificial grass installation, chances are you might also be a concerned pet owner. If that is the case, you may be wondering how your synthetic grass installation will affect your furry friends. 

At Grizzly Turf & Pavers, we want to put your mind at ease – while there are some factors to keep in mind when installing your artificial turf, we can help you every step of the way to ensure that synthetic grass makes sense for you and your dogs.

Artificial Turf Quality is Everything

In most cases, artificial grass is artificial in name only. High-quality synthetic grass should look and feel as close to natural grass as possible – this means that you’ll need to pay attention to the quality of your synthetic turf.

When consulting with your artificial grass installer, ensure that the synthetic grass used has been certified pet-friendly. Artificial pet turf from Grizzly Turf & Pavers has been specially engineered to the highest quality using state-of-the-art technology and materials – our synthetic grass can withstand even the most vigorous pet activity, making it the most reliable landscaping solution on the market for your pets. 

Protection against Odors

Pet owners everywhere know that great enjoyment with their pets also requires a fair amount of responsibility – this is especially true when it comes to cleaning up odors. Natural grass aborbs pet urine, which can create some undesirable odors, so it’s no suprise that pet owners flock to artificial grass as a pet-friendly alternative.

Ask your artificial grass installer to install a turf deodorizer during your installation process. At Grizzly Turf & Pavers, we’ve partnered with TurFresh, the nation’s leading artificial turf maintenance service, to offer our customers a turf deodorizing experience like no other!

Artificial Grass Installation Quality

Despite the quality of your artificial grass, it will only be as good as the team installing it. It could be tempting to attempt a DIY artificial pet turf installation, but this is something that should be left to professionals.

A professional artificial grass installer like Grizzly Turf & Pavers will work with you to identify any safety and health hazards that could affect your pets in the long run. We offer a 2-year labor guarantee in conjunction with our 15-year product warranty – we stand by our work, and we will work with you to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

If you’re ready to make the switch to artificial pet turf, contact Grizzly Turf & Pavers today. From consultation to installation, our team of artificial grass installers and customer service specialists will answer your questions and address any concerns – that’s The Grizzly Difference.

Maximizing Playground Safety with Artificial Grass

There are few certainties in life – one of them, however, is that children will always love playing in playgrounds. Unfortunately, another certainty is that there will always be children falling on playgrounds. If your playground isn’t properly protected, kids run the risk of serious injury; this is most common on playgrounds with natural grass. 

Thankfully, artificial grass provides a much-needed alternative to troublesome natural playground grass. With artificial playground turf, children will enjoy playing on a comfortable, level surface with minimal risk of injury – and best of all, your playground will look fantastic after every use!

Why is Natural Grass Hazardous for Playgrounds?

Even the best-maintained natural grass can pose serious safety risks for children on playgrounds. Don’t let the natural green color fool you – with natural playground grass, you’re compromising functionality and safety for simple aesthetics. Some of the ways natural grass can be unsafe for playgrounds include:

  • Lack of cushioning and protection in the event of an uneven landing
  • Improper support to protect against slips and falls
  • No drainage – soil will compress and increase the risk of slips
  • Bare patches can accumulate mud when wet – this will cause children to slip and compromise the secure placement of your playground equipment

How Does Artificial Grass Help with Playground Safety?

Artificial turf is the best of both worlds – you get the lush, green look of natural grass with enhanced safety and security! Synthetic grass is the clearly superior alternative to natural grass for playgrounds for various reasons:

  • Exceptional Shock Absorption – Most artificial playground turf is supported by some form of padding, depending on the manufacturer. This additional level of protection reduces the risk of injury when children fall, proving especially useful during those troublesome jungle gym falls.
  • Outstanding Durability – Over time, natural grass can wear out with the movement of heavy play equipment and constant foot traffic. Artificial turf is designed to withstand high levels of wear and tear without losing its integrity, resulting in continued safety for children and peace of mind for their parents!
  • Meets Strict Fall Height Requirements – Most artificial playground turf – including the synthetic grass products used by Grizzly Turf & Pavers – are required to adhere to the fall height standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Our artificial playground grass is guaranteed to cushion falls ranging from six to 10 feet, guaranteeing your children’s safety.

What Are the Best Places to Install Artificial Grass?

No matter the location, artificial grass is the ideal surface for kids of all ages. Whether your primary concern is safety or aesthetics, synthetic grass is the perfect complement for public spaces with a presence of children. 

Some excellent examples of artificial turf use in public spaces include:

  • Parks – Artificial grass is the perfect landscaping for areas with high foot traffic
  • Schools – A safe surface for children to play – and it keeps operating costs down!
  • Daycare facilities – Synthetic turf is perfect for toddlers just learning how to walk. The soft surface will keep them safe as they tumble while taking their first steps!

If you want to find out more about whether or not your children can benefit from artificial playground grass, contact an experienced artificial grass installer, such as the experts at Grizzly Turf & Pavers. Our team of synthetic grass installers and customer service specialists can walk you through every step of the process, from consultation to installation. Experience The Grizzly Difference and make your artificial grass vision a reality today!

4 Factors That Affect the Quality of Your Synthetic Grass

Not all synthetic grass products are of equal quality. When property owners shop for artificial grass, picking a reliable, exceptional product is of the utmost importance because higher-quality synthetic grass is usually more durable and comes with a longer lifespan than its lesser counterparts. 

However, with so many options available to homeowners, it can be challenging to discern which synthetic turf product is superior if you don’t know what to look for. When you do look at options for synthetic grass, we recommend narrowing your focus to a few factors that we believe are most crucial to determining the quality of an artificial grass product. 

The Material of the Grass Blades

The material used to create the many artificial grass blades that comprise your synthetic turf must be resilient and robust because of its outsized role in helping shape your surface’s longevity. Having resolute grass blades helps deal with factors that can affect an artificial turf’s lifespan, such as bad weather and heavy use. 

The most durable and long-lasting synthetic grass commonly are made of either nylon or polyethylene, both known for their strength and rigidity. 

Usage of Durable Material

The materials that make up your artificial grass should be of the highest quality and feature incredible durability. That’s because the longest-lasting and most durable synthetic grass is usually made from sturdy materials like nylon and polyethylene. These materials hold up no matter what they’re up against, whether it’s extreme weather or extensive usage, allowing your surface to continue functioning as intended.  

The Infill 

An essential aspect of any synthetic grass surface is its infill. The optimal infill will keep the turf blades upright and enhance the resiliency of the artificial grass. There are countless infill options, and the ideal choice for you depends on the characteristics you value most and your intended use for your surface. 

We can say that many high-quality synthetic grass products feature an antimicrobial infill that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, preserving the structural integrity of the surface and ensuring a safe environment for those who use it. 

Installation Quality

Installation quality is pivotal to the success of any artificial turf surface. Long-lasting, durable synthetic turf is nearly impossible to achieve with an improper installation that leaves you with a surface in need of immediate repairs and with poor drainage, all factors that can threaten the lifespan of your artificial grass. Take zero chances with your artificial grass installation by hiring a professional installer to ensure a world-class surface built to last for many years without issue. 

Grizzly Turf & Pavers always delivers breathtaking, long-lasting artificial grass surfaces with our residential synthetic turf installation projects for Laguna Niguel and Orange County residents. Our results are unrivaled because of our team of artificial grass installers and the industry-leading synthetic grass products we use for our services. The combination of our artificial grass installers and synthetic grass products is guaranteed to ensure a successful installation result and leave you with a surface of immeasurable quality and longevity. Give us a call at (866) 237-8873, or reach out to us online to learn more about our artificial grass installations and products.

5 Reasons Artificial Grass Installation Makes Sense for Your Public Space

Artificial grass’s increasing popularity is the result of not just its world-class quality but also its versatility. Synthetic grass can be implemented anywhere for stunning results and will always visually and functionally enhance whatever area it’s placed. That’s why many businesses, restaurants and commercial properties choose to install artificial grass in their public spaces.

More than any other surface, synthetic turf makes overseeing a public space a smoother and more manageable endeavor for commercial property owners. 

Artificial Grass Reduces Maintenance Costs

As many commercial property owners can attest, maintaining a sizable public outdoor space isn’t cheap, especially when it uses a natural grass surface. Natural grass is particularly costly to manage because it requires regular watering, mowing and fertilizing to preserve its appearance and functionality. These demands are time-consuming and expensive for any business. 

That’s why artificial grass is the best surface to use for public spaces, as it is hygienic and doesn’t need nearly the same level of maintenance, allowing you to save substantial time and money. With increased savings from reduced maintenance costs, companies can afford to spend their money elsewhere to help improve their overall efficiency.  

Synthetic Turf Can Perfectly Handle Heavy Use

Busy businesses and commercial properties whose public spaces see lots of foot traffic need a surface capable of handling such heavy activity. Not having a surface durable enough for extensive use can lead to performance issues involving your public space and even disrupt your daily business operations. 

Durability is never a concern with artificial turf, the most resilient landscaping option available to commercial property owners. Artificial grass is as tough as they come and can deal with heavy foot traffic without suffering any performance dropoffs. 

It Makes Your Public Space Intriguing 

While there are many ways to attract visitors to your commercial property, it doesn’t hurt to have a stunning and vibrant public space that is enjoyable for all possible visitors. As your outdoor area is usually what onlookers primarily see as they pass by, creating an enticing public space can only benefit you in the eyes of potential guests. 

Synthetic grass undoubtedly makes for an impressive visual and would be an intriguing addition to your public space. With artificial grass, your outdoor area will turn heads and be a memorable sight that helps lure people into your establishment. 

It Leads to Less Disruption

Besides its steep cost, the worst aspect of maintaining natural grass is the disruption and distraction it causes. Maintenance activities required with natural grass, like mowing, are loud enough to make a public space unusable. This is the last thing you want if you’re running a school or regularly use your public space for outdoor meetings or training sessions. 

Your public space is much better off with artificial grass, as synthetic turf can be maintained in a non-disruptive manner that draws little attention. Those using your public space won’t even notice when maintenance is being done and will go about their day undisturbed.

It’s Safer for Your Guests

A nightmare scenario that no commercial property owner wants to experience is an injury to a guest out in your public space. Whether from a slip or fall, any severe harm to a guest can put you at significant legal risk and eventually cost you a lot of money. 

Create a safer environment for your guests that minimizes the chances of injury by implementing artificial grass in your public space. Synthetic grass is a non-slippery, soft surface whose cushion lessens the impact of any fall, keeping visitors to your property safe at all times.  

Artificial grass installation from Grizzly Turf & Pavers can help you fully realize the potential of your public space. We guarantee that your outdoor area will never look or feel better after we finish our work. That’s because our world-class team of synthetic grass installers and stunning artificial grass products will deliver you a breathtaking surface of remarkable visual and functional quality. Don’t just take our word for it or the testimonials of countless Laguna Niguel and Orange County residents who have experienced the results of our commercial synthetic turf installation projects. See for yourself by calling us at (866) 237-8873 or contacting us online to learn more about our artificial grass installations and products.