4 Factors That Affect the Quality of Your Synthetic Grass

Not all synthetic grass products are of equal quality. When property owners shop for artificial grass, picking a reliable, exceptional product is of the utmost importance because higher-quality synthetic grass is usually more durable and comes with a longer lifespan than its lesser counterparts. 

However, with so many options available to homeowners, it can be challenging to discern which synthetic turf product is superior if you don’t know what to look for. When you do look at options for synthetic grass, we recommend narrowing your focus to a few factors that we believe are most crucial to determining the quality of an artificial grass product. 

The Material of the Grass Blades

The material used to create the many artificial grass blades that comprise your synthetic turf must be resilient and robust because of its outsized role in helping shape your surface’s longevity. Having resolute grass blades helps deal with factors that can affect an artificial turf’s lifespan, such as bad weather and heavy use. 

The most durable and long-lasting synthetic grass commonly are made of either nylon or polyethylene, both known for their strength and rigidity. 

Usage of Durable Material

The materials that make up your artificial grass should be of the highest quality and feature incredible durability. That’s because the longest-lasting and most durable synthetic grass is usually made from sturdy materials like nylon and polyethylene. These materials hold up no matter what they’re up against, whether it’s extreme weather or extensive usage, allowing your surface to continue functioning as intended.  

The Infill 

An essential aspect of any synthetic grass surface is its infill. The optimal infill will keep the turf blades upright and enhance the resiliency of the artificial grass. There are countless infill options, and the ideal choice for you depends on the characteristics you value most and your intended use for your surface. 

We can say that many high-quality synthetic grass products feature an antimicrobial infill that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, preserving the structural integrity of the surface and ensuring a safe environment for those who use it. 

Installation Quality

Installation quality is pivotal to the success of any artificial turf surface. Long-lasting, durable synthetic turf is nearly impossible to achieve with an improper installation that leaves you with a surface in need of immediate repairs and with poor drainage, all factors that can threaten the lifespan of your artificial grass. Take zero chances with your artificial grass installation by hiring a professional installer to ensure a world-class surface built to last for many years without issue. 

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