Saving Water & Saving Money

Installing Grizzly Turf will make your outdoor landscape look better than ever, but did you know that it’s also an amazing return on investment? Not only does installing Grizzly Turf save plenty of time and water, it actually saves money over time!

Water Rebates & Tax Credits

Save up to $3.75 per square foot by installing artificial grass! Grizzly Turf conserves a great deal of water and is recognized as an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass. Severe droughts are becoming increasingly common and driving up the price per gallon.  Find out if you qualify for rebates in your area by visiting the regional rebate site. If you don’t qualify don’t worry, the next step would be to locate your local water agency. Installing artificial grass has never been more affordable and there’s no better time than now to make the switch.

Low Maintenance = Low Costs

Installing Grizzly Turf means no more watering, mowing, trimming, or fertilizing your outdoor landscape. That means you don’t need a costly sprinkler system or an expensive landscaping company to have your ideal outdoor landscape. On top of that, your water bill can be cut by more than half! Those are guaranteed savings you can count on with Grizzly Turf.

Increased Property Value

Having a picture perfect landscape that requires minimal effort will add value to your home or business. Grizzly Turf looks and feels like natural grass and onlookers will struggle to tell the difference. Never again will you have to deal with unsightly muddy patches, dead spots, or rodent holes. Grizzly Turf customers agree that their synthetic grass landscape helped attract the attention potential buyers that appreciated the low-maintenance attributes.

You will realize a return on investment in approximately 2.5 years.
Square Feet 1200 Square Feet 1200
Initial Installation Cost $9.00 Initial Installation Cost $2.50
Initial Investment $10800 Initial Investment $3000*

* Includes initial cost of irrigation system and installation: $4500.

Annual Maintenance Year Annual Maintenance Month Year
Annual Power Brush $175 Irrigation $57 $684
ROI will be realized in approx. 2.5 years Fertilizer $8.50 $102
Chemical $8.50 $102
Irrigation Repair $15 $180
Mowing $100 $1200
TOTAL $175 TOTAL $189 $2268
Year 1 $175 Year 1 $2268
Year 2 $175 Year 2 $2268
Year 3 $175 Year 3 $2268
Year 4 $175 Year 4 $2268
Year 5 $175 Year 5 $2268
Year 6 $175 Year 6 $2268
Year 7 $175 Year 7 $2268
Year 8 $175 Year 8 $2268
Year 9 $175 Year 9 $2268
Year 10 $175 Year 10 $2268
Year 11 $175 Year 11 $2268
Year 12 $175 Year 12 $2268
Total Cost $12900 Total Cost $34716