Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to install artificial grass?

A: Grizzly Turf can do it in 24 hours or less for installations under 800 square feet.

Q: Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

A: Absolutely it is! Children and pets alike love our soft, plush, and durable artificial grass products. You can have peace of mind in that Grizzly Turf products do not contain any harmful traces of lead or other chemicals.

Q: Then how do you maintain an artificial grass landscape?

A: The beauty of Grizzly Turf is that it’s a low maintenance alternative to natural grass. It stays perfectly green without having to water, mow, or trim it! You can spend less time maintaining your landscape and more time enjoying it!

Q: How much does it cost to install Grizzly Turf?

A: Grizzly Turf offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Final depends on how much you need installed. There are also local water rebates and tax credits that are proven to help drive down costs dramatically. Give us a call anytime for a free estimate or fill out our free estimate form here.

Q: How do you clean artificial grass?

A: Cleanup is easy as just hosing it down. Grizzly Turf is resistant to stains and features our hyper-porous DrainTek technology that prevents water buildup and soggy spots!

Q: What areas do you service?

A: Currently Orange and LA counties… with more to come in the near future!

Q: Do I need to be present during the install?

A: It’s not necessary to be present for the duration of your landscapes install. Our trusted crew will ensure a quality installation through and through.

Q: How easy is it to clean up after my pet on synthetic grass?

A: It’s no different than regular grass. We just recommend a quick rinse after they do their business.

Q: How much can I save by installing artificial grass?

A: A lot. Artificial grass conserves water and eliminates the need for mowing, trimming, and fertilizing your lawn. Recurring droughts and the rising costs demanded by landscaping companies ensure you’ll save plenty over time. Local water rebates sweeten the pot by further reducing your costs even more, making artificial grass a low-maintenance return on investment!

Q: Does installing synthetic grass increase my property's value?

A: You can bet on it! On top of the low-maintenance and cost saving benefits, synthetic grass looks great and stays that way year after year. Who wouldn’t want a pristinely green yard every month of the year?

Q: How are payments handled for purchasing and installing synthetic grass with Grizzly Turf?

A: We generally require a $1,000 deposit or 10% deposit prior to installation and the remaining balance upon completion of your artificial grass landscape!