How to Choose the Right Artificial Turf Installation Company

It’s no secret that installing artificial turf for your home or business is an investment that pays for itself. However, the quality of the investment is only as good as the team responsible for installing it. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your artificial turf installer has the reputation and product knowledge to get your project done. Here are some practical tips to find the perfect artificial grass installer for your residential or commercial project.

Do Your Research

Before putting pen to paper on any project, make sure you have done sufficient research on your artificial turf company. Some factors to consider in your research include:

  • Company history – How long has the company been in business? How much experience does the company’s team have? Newer companies may have installers who know the fundamentals of synthetic grass installation but lack experience, resulting in subpar work. This is an important detail as you’ll want a synthetic grass installer with the experience to work on the complexities of your yard.
  • Endorsement – Is your installer supported by the company you’re buying your artificial turf from? Most synthetic turf suppliers will have vendors that are covered under their manufacturer’s warranty, and choosing a company that is not endorsed by the supplier could compromise that warranty. Grizzly Turf has a vast selection of synthetic grass products to choose from, each backed by a 15-year warranty, so you won’t have to worry about this issue with us!

Listen to Previous Customers

If you’re on the fence about choosing an artificial turf installer, pay attention to their reviews. A good synthetic turf landscaping company like Grizzly Turf will publicly post their testimonials for all to see. In addition, checking out reviews on third-party review sites like Yelp or Google should give you sufficient information as to whether or not an installer is trustworthy. When all else fails, nothing beats good, old-fashioned word of mouth; talk to your friends and neighbors with artificial turf installations and listen to what they have to say. Take a look at their lawns and ask as many questions as you can!

Gather All of the Facts

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your search to the installers you really have your eye on, the next step is to get as much information as possible on each company. Here are some factors to look for:

  • Credentials – A reputable artificial grass installation company should have its license number posted on its website. Additionally, check for any affiliations to local business organizations.
  • Awards – Have they been recognized by customers and their peers for the quality of their work?
  • BBB Rating – The Better Business Bureau is known for carefully grading and reviewing businesses based on customers’ interactions with them. Checking an installer’s BBB rating should shed some light on where they stand with customers.
  • Community Involvement – Are your installers part of their local chamber of commerce? Generally, any business in good standing with their chamber of commerce has a solid reputation within their respective community.

Because artificial grass is a significant investment, it is important to feel completely comfortable with your chosen installer. If you’re looking for a synthetic grass company that can grant you peace of mind with quality artificial turf installation, look no further than Grizzly Turf. We are fully staffed with experienced, licensed installers who will be with you every step of the way, from consultation to installation. Not to mention, each product is backed by a 15-year warranty and a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ready to make the switch, contact us today at (866) 237-8873 or visit us online and experience the Grizzly difference.

Convincing Your HOA to Allow Artificial Turf Installation

Residents in condominiums or gated communities may be familiar with the existence of homeowners associations, or HOAs. HOAs are governing bodies that set rules and regulations that residents agree to in exchange for living in certain exclusive communities. In some cases, those rules may have restrictions on replacing your natural grass yard with artificial turf. If you live in an HOA and are considering installing artificial grass, it is best to educate yourself on what your HOA can regulate.

What Does an HOA Regulate?

Generally, HOAs are responsible for creating (and enforcing) rules designed to maintain the appearance and function of a residential community. The jurisdiction of what an HOA can govern includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pets
  • The external appearance of your home, such as paint color and outside fixtures
  • Backyard fixtures, such as sheds and storage units
  • Mailboxes
  • Landscaping

If you want artificial turf for your home, your first course of action is to check your HOA’s guidelines as they pertain to installing a synthetic grass lawn. Your HOA’s flexibility will be the determining factor in whether or not you will be allowed to install artificial turf, so make sure you do your research.

Installing Artificial turf in Your HOA

If you find out that your HOA does allow you to install artificial turf, then your next step is to consult with synthetic turf installation experts, such as the team at Grizzly Turf. In the event that your HOA’s guidelines are unclear, or if your HOA forbids artificial grass installation, hope is not lost. There are still some things to try before throwing in the towel.

Ask Questions

The purpose of an HOA is to maintain your community’s appearance, but that doesn’t mean that they want you to be uncomfortable. If you get a hard “no” from your HOA, ask why the policy is in place. After getting an explanation, ask if the HOA would consider implementing a change in its policy if enough residents show interest in installing artificial turf. There is strength in numbers; if you get enough of your neighbors to show interest in switching to synthetic turf, your HOA may be more inclined to make changes to its policy.

If you can’t get everything you want, you will want to consider compromising with your HOA. Ask if your backyard can have artificial turf or if the HOA will allow a specific type of synthetic turf. Grizzly Turf offers several artificial grass styles that can meet an HOA’s standards! The point is for you and your HOA to come to some agreement that benefits you and your entire community, so don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your HOA management.

Educate Your HOA

If your HOA is totally resistant to changing its artificial turf policy, don’t assume it’s because they are being unfair. In some cases, it could be because the HOA doesn’t have all the facts regarding the benefits of artificial grass installation. If you feel this is the case, consider scheduling a consultation between your HOA and one of our experts at Grizzly Turf. We will gladly speak to your management and explain the benefits of artificial turf for HOAs, including its low-maintenance features and aesthetic appeal.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

If none of the above methods work, then consider joining your HOA’s board. The best way to change your HOA’s mind is to join your board and advocate for the benefits of artificial turf. This method is a long-term time investment, but if you truly want to improve your home’s appearance with synthetic turf, it will be worth the wait.

If you’re ready to take the first step in switching to an artificial turf lawn for your HOA home, contact Grizzly Turf for expert assistance. Our team of experienced, skilled installation professionals will be with you every step of the installation process, from consultation to installation. To see how we can help you and your HOA, contact us online or call us at (866) 237-8873 and experience the Grizzly difference.

Expert Tips for Creating the Ideal Backyard Putting Green

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, you may be racking your mind trying to figure out what innovative ideas you can incorporate. The solution to your problems may be closer than you think by installing an artificial turf putting green in your backyard! Having a backyard putting green is a great feature for homes, whether you are a seasoned golf professional or a casual hobbyist looking for a fun and simple outdoor activity. If the idea of a synthetic grass putting green interests you, then you may want to consider utilizing the services of an experienced artificial turf installation service, such as the experts at Grizzly Turf. By entrusting your putting green installation with an expert, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches in trying to do it yourself. However, just because someone else is installing your artificial turf putting green doesn’t mean that you won’t have a say in how it gets done. Here are some tips that will help you design your dream backyard putting green.

Location, Location, Location

Nobody knows your home and your backyard better than you, so it makes perfect sense for you to be the expert on where to place your new artificial turf putting green. Be sure to pick a design that will fit with the rest of your backyard’s aesthetic and be a perfect match for the intricate details of your backyard. You’ll also want to work closely with your installation professionals to make sure that your putting green is placed in the best possible location and that it is installed properly.

Consider the Space You Have Available

When working with artificial turf installation experts, it is important to provide them with as much information about your backyard as possible. This includes the dimensions of the backyard and how much space they will have available to work on. By providing exact dimensions, you will ensure that your professional will give accurate recommendations for your project, preventing you from stressing out in the long run. Along with your budget, it is important to have size considerations when planning your artificial turf putting green installation and to communicate them to your installer as soon as possible. 

Get Creative

The design process doesn’t end when your new artificial turf putting green is installed. Once the installation is complete, you can now personalize your putting green and make it your own! Customized tee markers and signage can give your backyard putting green that personal touch that will make you feel like you’re playing on your own exclusive golf course. Installing visually stunning light systems can also open up the possibilities for enjoyment at all times of the day. Adding these minor details to your artificial turf putting green will result in major aesthetic appeal for you and your guests!

Once you’ve considered all your options for installing your artificial turf putting green, let the experts at Grizzly Turf handle your project with ease and precision. Our team of trained and experienced synthetic grass installation specialists will carry out the vision for your putting green, keeping you in the loop from start to finish. Grizzly Turf carries an extensive range of putting green products, including Nylon Putt 2-Tone, Poly Putt 2-Tone, and True Putt, each having distinct features designed to suit even the most experienced golfer. Each of our products is backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty, and all of our installations come with a 100% client satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year guarantee on all labor performed. 

For more information on Grizzly Turf’s superior synthetic turf putting greens, contact us by phone at (866) 237-8873, or feel free to reach out to us online. With the experts at Grizzly Turf, quality artificial turf installation is a call or click away.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Will Love Artificial Turf

Dog owners everywhere can attest to how much they love their furry companions. It’s no secret that dogs are full of unconditional love and happiness, and they know nothing more than to enjoy life with their favorite people. However, dogs having an endless supply of joy also means that they have no sense of precaution, especially for your lawn. Natural grass can pose many risks to your dog’s health, which could result in the constant supervision of your dog. With an artificial turf lawn, pet hazards are a thing of the past. Here are three key reasons why your dog will thank you when you make the switch from natural grass to artificial grass on your lawn.

Easy To Maintain

The maintenance factor in switching to an artificial turf lawn is certainly a no-brainer; this is even more so when considering a synthetic grass lawn for your dogs. The bacteria and odor left behind by pet waste can cause significant damage to your natural grass lawn, even going as far as preventing future grass from growing! With an artificial turf lawn, pet waste damage is nonexistent, meaning that your furry friend can go out to frolic and take care of their business as much as they want without overwhelming you. Pet waste can simply be picked up and tossed away without worrying about any long-term effects. In addition, chemical treatments won’t be necessary to clean the affected area as most synthetic turf can be cleaned with soap and water. This will ensure maximum playtime for your dog with minimal effort afterward!

Built-in Pest Control

Pet owners know for a fact that pests are the natural enemy of their furry friends. This is especially the case when dogs are playing on a natural grass lawn, as these lawns are a breeding ground for fleas, ticks, and countless other creatures. Synthetic grass lawns, including those installed by the experts at Grizzly Turf, are a perfect solution for getting rid of dangerous pests that can attach themselves to your dogs since artificial turf is virtually unsustainable for these creatures.

Your Dog Will Never Notice The Difference

We love our dogs, but let’s face it; they aren’t always the brightest creatures, but we love them for it! This will actually work in your favor when switching to artificial turf. Artificial grass lawns have a color, texture, and shape that resembles natural grass enough for your dog to not notice that you’ve changed your lawn. Your companion will roll around the lawn, and you’ll rest easy knowing that your new synthetic turf can handle it and so much more!

After weighing out the pros and cons of installing artificial turf in your home for you and your pets, let Grizzly Turf handle all your product and installation needs. At Grizzly Turf, we carry the finest quality pet turf products, each backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty. Each project is managed by our team of experienced synthetic turf specialists, including a 100% client satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty on all labor. This is our promise to you, committing to excellence and granting you the peace of mind you need while installing the artificial grass lawn you and your pets deserve. If you’re ready to get started on your artificial turf lawn, contact us today at (866) 237-8873 or reach out to us online. With the experts at Grizzly Turf, obtaining quality artificial turf installation is a call or click away.

Real Grass vs Synthetic Grass Lawns

If you want to make your Laguna Niguel home the envy of the neighborhood with a flawless front lawn that takes no effort to maintain, then switch from real grass to a synthetic grass lawn today. With Grizzly Turf artificial grass installation, you can completely transform your home and see a quick ROI, whether you’re planning to sell soon or just upgrade your forever home. Increase your property value, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and save hundreds on maintenance with a synthetic grass lawn from Grizzly Turf.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Summer or winter, rain or shine, artificial grass remains lush and perfectly green all year long. The synthetic polyethylene material doesn’t require any maintenance in order to preserve its color, and it’s even created with UV inhibitors that prevent it from fading in the sun. Our synthetic turf products have dual-toned blades with brown thatch for an extremely natural appearance that will have all of your neighbors wondering how you maintain such a perfect lawn.

Lower Maintenance 

One of artificial turf’s biggest perks is that it requires virtually no maintenance. This stands in stark contrast to the constant maintenance required to keep a real grass lawn looking healthy. Whereas real grass requires daily watering, weekly mowing, and regular chemical treatments to stay pristine, artificial grass only requires the occasional rinse down and a monthly cross-brushing. With artificial turf, you save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars each year on maintenance. Your water bill will be a fraction of the cost with a synthetic grass lawn, and you’ll help the environment by conserving hundreds of gallons of water.

Weather Resistant

A delicate balance has to be achieved in order to maintain a real grass lawn. If your grass receives too much rain, the surface of the grass can flood and you’ll need to re-sod the entire area. If you don’t receive enough rain, or if you fail to adequately water your grass, it will result in unsightly dead, brown patches that are extremely difficult to revive. With artificial grass, your lawn can look perfect through any weather. Our artificial turf products are installed with an ultra-efficient drainage system that can drain more than 30 inches of water per hour per square yard. No matter how much rain you receive, you don’t have to worry about a flooded or destroyed lawn. On the other hand, if you receive no rain, your artificial grass will remain green without watering.

Great for Kids & Pets

Artificial grass is an excellent solution for pet owners and parents looking for a landscaping alternative that is low-maintenance and safer than natural grass. With synthetic grass, there’s no dirt, mud, doggy digging, or brown patches to worry about. High durability and a synthetic material mean that your grass will remain intact and evergreen no matter how much roughhousing your backyard sees. A non-abrasive surface material will protect your kids from scrapes and scratches, and annoying grass and mud stains are a worry of the past. Make your home as pet-friendly and kid-friendly as possible while maintaining a luxurious and natural backyard appearance with synthetic grass from Grizzly Turf.

If you’re ready to elevate the appearance of your Laguna Niguel home and install a landscaping solution that’s as practical as it is beautiful, call Grizzly Turf today. Our installation experts would be happy to work with you to create the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed of. To receive a free installation estimate today, give us a call at (866) 237-8873 and experience the Grizzly difference.

4 Backyard Activities Achievable with Artificial Grass

If you’re looking to amplify your Laguna Niguel backyard and create a fun space for friends and family to enjoy, artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution. Whether it’s a water fight with the kids or some relaxed putting with friends, artificial turf landscaping allows you to make the most of your space and customize it to become your personal playground. Here are a few backyard activities that are easily achievable with artificial grass. 

#1. Bocce ball

Are you one of America’s 25 million bocce ball enthusiasts? If so, you can create the ultimate bocce ball court in your backyard with artificial grass. Although bocce is most typically played on sand or concrete, artificial turf is becoming an increasingly popular option since it offers a clean and leveled low-maintenance surface to play on. It consists of a durable underlayer of concrete which means that, unlike other options, the synthetic turf will remain level and won’t break with repeated use. If you and your family are looking for a fun, low-maintenance backyard activity for summer, consider installing a bocce ball court in your backyard with Grizzly Turf.

#2. Putting green

One extremely popular artificial grass landscaping design option is a custom putting green. Personal putting greens are perfect for homes or offices, whether you’re looking for professional practice or relaxed fun. All of our putting green products are professional-grade and made to replicate an authentic golfing experience. Due to the completely customizable nature of synthetic turf putting greens, they’re great for small and awkwardly-shaped areas of your yard such as a narrow side yard. They can be fully customized to accommodate any size, shape, terrain, and skill level. We can install accessories such as aluminum cups, customizable flags, and lighted poles to make your putting green as realistic as possible. Turn your backyard or office into a golfer’s oasis with artificial grass today.

#3. Lawn chess

If you want an eye-catching landscape design and an interactive game in one, consider incorporating lawn chess into your outdoor space. By alternating artificial grass with concrete or stone squares, you can create a larger-than-life chessboard in your backyard that will provide hours of fun and mental stimulation for your whole family. The board is easy to maintain, with no need to mow your lawn to keep the two-tone squares neat. The versatile board can be used for chess or checkers, and it serves as a beautiful landscaping design feature when not in use.

#4. Jungle gym

Create a safe and fun playground for your children with our IPEMA-certified artificial grass play area systems. Synthetic grass play systems are padded to absorb shock and prevent impact injuries from falls up to 10 feet high. Their non-abrasive surfaces protect from scrapes, scratches, and splinters. The polyethylene material means that there’s never any dirt, mud, or grass stains to try and get out in the wash, and its extreme durability allows it to withstand any amount of roughhousing without breaking or matting. Let them enjoy hours of fun and play while you enjoy peace of mind with an artificial grass play area from Grizzly Turf.

With synthetic turf’s versatility and durability, you can create virtually endless landscaping possibilities and make the most of the beautiful Laguna Niguel weather from the comfort of your own backyard. Create endless fun for yourself, your friends, and your family with a wide range of fun and interactive activities achievable with artificial grass landscaping. With endless possibilities and virtually no maintenance required for upkeep, synthetic turf is the perfect landscape alternative. If you’re ready to transform your backyard, call Grizzly Turf today at (866) 237-8873. We would be happy to work with you to design your dream landscape and provide you with a free quote on your next project.

Why Artificial Grass Playgrounds are Perfect for Schools

Schools throughout Laguna Niguel are starting to switch to artificial grass play areas in order to maximize their students’ safety and happiness. The playground, even more than the classroom, is a place where kids make their fondest childhood memories. Make those memories even better with safe and beautiful artificial grass for your school district. Artificial grass is ideal for playgrounds, sports fields, front landscaping, and more, making it the perfect option for schools. You can save time and money on synthetic turf maintenance while keeping your students safe and happy by switching to artificial grass from Grizzly Turf.

Artificial Grass Playgrounds

The most important and most popular area of any schoolyard is the jungle gym. However, it’s also the area where kids have the biggest risk of injury. Our IPEMA-certified artificial grass play systems are not only beautiful, but they also protect students from impact injuries and falls. Our synthetic grass products are all installed with eco-friendly foam padding that boasts the highest GMax scores possible. Our synthetic turf play area products all meet or exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials standards, and they’ve proven to be some of the safest and most durable landscaping options available for children. Our playground installations also feature antimicrobial infill which prevents bacteria growth and keeps students protected from harmful contaminants that can be collected and spread in natural grass. The infill is completely non-toxic and non-absorbent, and it’s more sanitary than silica. Artificial grass playgrounds will help keep germs at bay and keep your kids healthy and safe during every recess.

Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields

Grizzly Turf’s artificial grass installations are also perfect for landscaping and athletic fields for schools of any kind. Whether it’s a small elementary school field or a Division 1 high school stadium, Grizzly Turf is equipped to meet any school’s artificial grass installation needs. We carry artificial grass products in a wide variety of pile heights and face weights, so we can choose a synthetic turf option that accommodates extremely heavy foot traffic. With artificial grass, you’ll never have to worry about watering, mowing, fertilizing, and re-sodding your fields again. You can let your students trample the field for hours, days, and weeks on end without worrying about unsightly dead patches. Synthetic turf’s excellent drainage capability also guarantees that your fields will never be muddy. Our turf drains at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard, so games in the rain are never a problem. Have a perfectly well-maintained and evergreen athletic field all year round with artificial grass from Grizzly Turf.

With synthetic turf’s versatility and durability, you can make the most of your Laguna Niguel school’s outdoor space. With no need for watering or mowing, switching to artificial grass will save your school district significant time and money, all while allowing your students to safely enjoy a range of exciting playground adventures. If you’re ready to make the smart choice and switch to artificial grass, call Grizzly Turf at (866) 237-8873 today. Our team of expert designers and installers will be happy to work with you and help you create the school landscaping of your dreams.

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid with Your Artificial Grass Lawn

There is no question that artificial grass is the perfect landscaping solution for any Laguna Niguel home. It’s beautiful, evergreen, low maintenance, and eco-friendly, so residents of all types will appreciate its many benefits. However, there are certain mistakes you should be sure to avoid when installing artificial grass in order to make the most out of your investment. Here are the three biggest mistakes that homeowners can make when installing synthetic turf in their Laguna Niguel residence.

Choosing the Wrong Artificial Grass Product

There are dozens of artificial grass varieties to choose from, each with their own pile height, face weight, and coloring that makes them best suited to specific projects. When you’re getting ready to install artificial grass in your home or business, you need to consider what features your synthetic turf product will need to have in order for it to work best and last as long as possible. Certain artificial grass products are suited to different levels of foot traffic, so take time to consider how much foot traffic your outdoor area will receive. Choosing a synthetic grass product that doesn’t have adequate durability can result in matted grass and a shorter lifespan on your investment. 

Neglecting Upkeep 

Artificial grass requires exponentially less maintenance than natural grass does. There’s no mowing, trimming, daily watering, fertilizing, or re-sodding required in order to keep it looking pristine. However, there are small upkeep requirements that will help extend your synthetic turf’s life. Cross brush your artificial grass every month or so in order to keep it fluffy and avoid matting. Pick up large pieces of debris whenever possible, and rinse down the artificial grass on occasion to clear away dust, smaller debris, and pet waste. Performing these small, quick tasks occasionally will keep your artificial grass lawn looking beautiful and will extend its life in the long-run. 

Trying a DIY Artificial Grass Installation

There are many elements that go into artificial grass installation, and each stage needs to be completed perfectly in order to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting install. Avoiding uneven surfaces, incorrect drainage, misaligned joints, and other common DIY installation problems can be extremely difficult, especially if it’s your first time installing synthetic turf. To make sure that your home is as perfect as possible and your investment is as worthwhile as can be, enlist a professional artificial grass installer. Grizzly Turf has performed thousands of synthetic turf installations, so we’re thoroughly equipped to complete your installation to the highest standard. 

If you’re ready to transform your Laguna Niguel home with artificial grass, call Grizzly Turf today. Our team will work one-on-one with you to design a beautiful synthetic turf landscape that meets all of your family’s needs. We’ll help you choose the right artificial grass product for your project and walk you through every step of the installation process. To find out more information or to get started with a free quote, give us a call at (866) 237-8873 today.

Keep Your Synthetic Grass Lawn Beautiful: Care & Maintenance

Hundreds of Laguna Niguel residents have switched to artificial grass in recent years due to its low maintenance nature and visual appeal. It’s well known that artificial grass allows homeowners to eliminate the need for mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and other required lawn maintenance. It also does not require regular watering in order to maintain its healthy green color. However, what many people may not know is that there is a small amount of care and maintenance that is recommended to extend the life of your synthetic turf and keep it looking beautiful. Here are a few recommended care tips that will allow you to get the most out of your synthetic grass lawn.

Clearing Debris

The easiest way to take care of your artificial grass is to occasionally pick up large pieces of debris that end up in your yard. Occasionally, leaves, branches, and other debris may land on your synthetic grass, especially if you have a large number of trees or plants. These items may become matted into your turf if left there over time, so it’s recommended that you pick them up or clear them with a leaf blower on a daily or weekly basis. Removing this debris will help your artificial grass maintain a clean and well-groomed look and will ultimately lower the amount of brushing and other maintenance that you’ll need to do to preserve the lifespan of your synthetic turf.


If debris is left in your yard too long or if your artificial grass receives significant amounts of foot traffic, your lawn may become matted in some areas. How frequently or easily it becomes matted is mostly dependant on the durability and pile height of the artificial grass product you chose. However, all synthetic turf options will need to be brushed at some point to help maintain the appearance of the grass. To fluff up your grass fibers and maintain the upright position of each blade, you should use a brush to cross brush your lawn every month or so. Be sure to always use a brush with synthetic bristles rather than metal, as metal bristles can damage the artificial grass fibers. By brushing your lawn regularly and avoiding matting, you will extend your lawn’s lifespan and cut down on the need for future maintenance or replacement.


While synthetic turf remains evergreen and does not need to be regularly watered like natural grass, it is recommended that you rinse down your artificial grass every so often to clean it of dust, debris, and pet waste. Rainfall is sufficient to clean synthetic grass during the winter and spring, but during the drier parts of the year and in climates that don’t receive much rain, a quick rinse with the garden hose will work just as well. This should be done as often as possible, ideally once a week, but it is not as extensive as watering a natural grass lawn. A few minutes spent quickly hosing down the turf will be sufficient to clear it of dust and other particles, and will leave you with a clean and beautiful artificial grass lawn.

Spot Cleaning

The best way to extend your artificial turf’s lifespan and reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do is by spot cleaning accidents as they happen. Your backyard is a place to play and socialize, but sometimes this can mean spills or accidents that damage a specific area of the turf. It’s important that, in the case of a spill, you clean the area as quickly as you can to avoid it leaving a stain. Blot any liquids that have spilled and remove any solids. Rinse the affected areas with a mixture of water and mild household detergent or soap to clean the spot. If the spilled substance resists the detergent, try cleaning it with a 3% solution of ammonia mixed with water. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse down the area with clean, cold water. By cleaning accidents as they happen, you can avoid stains, damaged blades, and the need for future reparative maintenance. 

Whenever you invest in your home, you need to perform proper maintenance in order to protect your investment and preserve its value. Artificial grass is the same; maintenance is certainly not required for it to remain green, but it will extend its lifespan and keep your home looking as beautiful as possible. Synthetic turf generally lasts about 20-25 years depending on use, but this can be further extended with diligent care and maintenance. To learn more about artificial grass products and how they would work for your Laguna Niguel home, give us a call at (866) 237-8873. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Pool Deck

If your Laguna Niguel home features an in-ground pool, then you know that it’s not all carefree splashing and swimming. Pool ownership also means worrying about balancing chemicals, cleaning filters, maintaining finishings, and keeping your deck safe for swimmers. You want your pool to be as safe, practical, and fun as possible so that you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying family fun. Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular pool deck option for Laguna Niguel homeowners due to its many benefits which afford residents this peace of mind. Here are just a few reasons why artificial grass is the perfect choice for your pool deck.

Low Maintenance Turf

Artificial grass is a popular landscaping solution for many outdoor spaces due to its low maintenance nature. However, its convenience is especially beneficial for poolside landscaping and pool decking. Synthetic grass never needs to be mowed or edged in order to maintain its neat appearance, which saves you time and expenses. No longer being required to landscape the grass means that you won’t have grass blades, gasoline-powered tools, or toxic fertilizer chemicals in and around your pool. This keeps your pool water safer and cleaner for you and your family and lessens the impact on your pool’s filter. Synthetic turf also never needs to be watered in order to stay green all year. This will allow you to conserve thousands of gallons of water a year that would otherwise be wasted with natural grass. Start saving time and money on maintenance by choosing artificial grass for your pool’s decking.

Synthetic Turf’s Durability

Another benefit to artificial grass is that it’s much more durable than real grass. Synthetic turf is engineered to withstand a high amount of foot traffic and resist breakage, so the polyethylene blades won’t break off and be easily tracked into the pool like with natural grass. Its durability and evergreen nature also mean that you won’t have the same brown, dead patches that occur so easily with real grass lawns. Excessive walking or running along a natural grass pool deck would cause the grass to become uneven, dead, and matted. However, with synthetic turf, it will always look lush, healthy, and evenly colored.


Easy Drainage with Artificial Grass

Diving and splashing often cause a large quantity of water to flow out of the pool and onto the surrounding deck area. With real grass, this excess water would pool on the surface of the lawn, creating a slipping hazard and even fostering the growth of mold and mildew. Artificial grass, however, features a highly efficient drainage system that can drain water at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square foot. This means that you never have to worry about mud, slipping, or water pooling. The grass will feel completely dry within the hour, and the efficient drainage combined with antimicrobial infill will prevent mold and other contaminants from growing on the surface of the turf. Keep your lawn and your family safe and dry with artificial turf pool decking today.

Artificial grass is the ideal landscaping solution for making your Laguna Niguel home safer, cleaner, and more comfortable for your family. Here at Grizzly Turf, we can transform your backyard into the relaxing summer oasis you’ve always dreamed of. To speak to an expert about the possibilities for your home, and to receive a free estimate, give us a call at (866) 237-8873. We’re always happy to help!