You Can Still Achieve Your 2023 Health Goals – Artificial Grass Putting Greens Can Help

The New Year is approaching, but there’s still time to reach your 2023 health goals before the ball drops. One surefire method for accomplishing your health resolutions is to make fitness fun by installing a synthetic grass putting green!

An artificial grass putting green from Grizzly Turf is a unique way to accomplish your 2023 health goals. It increases access to a favorite sport, incentivizing outdoor exercise. This cost-effective investment in your health improves more than your short game. It’ll boost your mental and physical health in several essential areas.

Read on to learn about the impact of a backyard putting green on your health goals. 

Fun in the Sun

Synthetic turf putting greens are a fun way to get outdoors and stay outdoors, increasing your sunlight exposure. Getting ample sunlight is critical to a healthy life, as it provides Vitamin D, vital to immune system strength. 

As an added benefit, artificial turf stands up to hot days, staying fresh and evergreen regardless of temperature or exposure. Synthetic grass landscapes like backyard putting greens make your outdoor spaces irresistible during spring and summer.

Boost Heart Health

Traditional cardio isn’t for everyone, but maintaining a healthy heart is vital to a long and prosperous life. A fun alternative is installing a backyard putting green – these dynamic landscaping options provide an alternative exercise that your heart will love.

As you move across your synthetic grass course, you’ll activate muscles and promote healthy blood flow, increasing your heart rate just the right amount. Habitual use of your putting green will ensure long-lasting health benefits.

We use high-quality artificial turf products for every installation, so you can be confident that your personal putting course will last years. This longevity will support your health goals this year and beyond.

Increase Activity To Burn Calories

While golf isn’t known as a high-energy sport, it does keep you moving. This constant functional movement works your muscles and burns calories, especially during hot days. 

Synthetic grass putting greens will get you up and moving, burning more calories than if you’d stayed inside. This more active habit can have knock-on effects, leading to a more active lifestyle as your body grows accustomed to more movement.

Elevate Mental Wellness

Any outdoor activity is beneficial for your mental health. Golf significantly increases focus and promotes a calmer outlook, as it requires excellent stillness to play. As mentioned above, increased exposure to sunlight also boosts mental wellness.

Gather your friends around your artificial turf putting green for a few rounds. Group play fosters stimulating competition and a social environment, two things that are shown to boost mental wellness and a sense of fulfillment. 

Improve Sleep

Quality sleep is central to improving your health in the final months of 2023. A backyard putting green improves overall sleep quality by providing physical exercise, mental stimulation, fresh air and sunlight. These factors culminate in vastly improved sleep.

An added benefit of improved sleep is improved focus, improving your short game as a result. Investing in a synthetic grass putting green creates a positive cycle that benefits your health and your golf game.

Enjoy Benefits From Artificial Turf Putting Greens

An artificial putting green is a fun way to end 2023 on a healthy note. Grizzly Turf makes it easy with fast and reliable installation of high-quality synthetic turf products. We use premium turf for a long-lasting evergreen look to your landscape and putting green.

Call us today at 866-237-8873 or contact us online to transform your home with artificial turf. Our professional turf installers are waiting to provide you with a free estimate.