Real Grass vs Synthetic Grass Lawns

If you want to make your Laguna Niguel home the envy of the neighborhood with a flawless front lawn that takes no effort to maintain, then switch from real grass to a synthetic grass lawn today. With Grizzly Turf & Pavers artificial grass installation, you can completely transform your home and see a quick ROI, whether you’re planning to sell soon or just upgrade your forever home. Increase your property value, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and save hundreds on maintenance with a synthetic grass lawn from Grizzly Turf & Pavers.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Summer or winter, rain or shine, artificial grass remains lush and perfectly green all year long. The synthetic polyethylene material doesn’t require any maintenance in order to preserve its color, and it’s even created with UV inhibitors that prevent it from fading in the sun. Our synthetic turf products have dual-toned blades with brown thatch for an extremely natural appearance that will have all of your neighbors wondering how you maintain such a perfect lawn.

Lower Maintenance 

One of artificial turf’s biggest perks is that it requires virtually no maintenance. This stands in stark contrast to the constant maintenance required to keep a real grass lawn looking healthy. Whereas real grass requires daily watering, weekly mowing, and regular chemical treatments to stay pristine, artificial grass only requires the occasional rinse down and a monthly cross-brushing. With artificial turf, you save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars each year on maintenance. Your water bill will be a fraction of the cost with a synthetic grass lawn, and you’ll help the environment by conserving hundreds of gallons of water.

Weather Resistant

A delicate balance has to be achieved in order to maintain a real grass lawn. If your grass receives too much rain, the surface of the grass can flood and you’ll need to re-sod the entire area. If you don’t receive enough rain, or if you fail to adequately water your grass, it will result in unsightly dead, brown patches that are extremely difficult to revive. With artificial grass, your lawn can look perfect through any weather. Our artificial turf products are installed with an ultra-efficient drainage system that can drain more than 30 inches of water per hour per square yard. No matter how much rain you receive, you don’t have to worry about a flooded or destroyed lawn. On the other hand, if you receive no rain, your artificial grass will remain green without watering.

Great for Kids & Pets

Artificial grass is an excellent solution for pet owners and parents looking for a landscaping alternative that is low-maintenance and safer than natural grass. With synthetic grass, there’s no dirt, mud, doggy digging, or brown patches to worry about. High durability and a synthetic material mean that your grass will remain intact and evergreen no matter how much roughhousing your backyard sees. A non-abrasive surface material will protect your kids from scrapes and scratches, and annoying grass and mud stains are a worry of the past. Make your home as pet-friendly and kid-friendly as possible while maintaining a luxurious and natural backyard appearance with synthetic grass from Grizzly Turf & Pavers.

If you’re ready to elevate the appearance of your Laguna Niguel home and install a landscaping solution that’s as practical as it is beautiful, call Grizzly Turf & Pavers today. Our installation experts would be happy to work with you to create the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed of. To receive a free installation estimate today, give us a call at (866) 237-8873 and experience the Grizzly difference.