Keep Your Synthetic Grass Lawn Beautiful: Care & Maintenance

Hundreds of Laguna Niguel residents have switched to artificial grass in recent years due to its low maintenance nature and visual appeal. It’s well known that artificial grass allows homeowners to eliminate the need for mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and other required lawn maintenance. It also does not require regular watering in order to maintain its healthy green color. However, what many people may not know is that there is a small amount of care and maintenance that is recommended to extend the life of your synthetic turf and keep it looking beautiful. Here are a few recommended care tips that will allow you to get the most out of your synthetic grass lawn.

Clearing Debris

The easiest way to take care of your artificial grass is to occasionally pick up large pieces of debris that end up in your yard. Occasionally, leaves, branches, and other debris may land on your synthetic grass, especially if you have a large number of trees or plants. These items may become matted into your turf if left there over time, so it’s recommended that you pick them up or clear them with a leaf blower on a daily or weekly basis. Removing this debris will help your artificial grass maintain a clean and well-groomed look and will ultimately lower the amount of brushing and other maintenance that you’ll need to do to preserve the lifespan of your synthetic turf.


If debris is left in your yard too long or if your artificial grass receives significant amounts of foot traffic, your lawn may become matted in some areas. How frequently or easily it becomes matted is mostly dependant on the durability and pile height of the artificial grass product you chose. However, all synthetic turf options will need to be brushed at some point to help maintain the appearance of the grass. To fluff up your grass fibers and maintain the upright position of each blade, you should use a brush to cross brush your lawn every month or so. Be sure to always use a brush with synthetic bristles rather than metal, as metal bristles can damage the artificial grass fibers. By brushing your lawn regularly and avoiding matting, you will extend your lawn’s lifespan and cut down on the need for future maintenance or replacement.


While synthetic turf remains evergreen and does not need to be regularly watered like natural grass, it is recommended that you rinse down your artificial grass every so often to clean it of dust, debris, and pet waste. Rainfall is sufficient to clean synthetic grass during the winter and spring, but during the drier parts of the year and in climates that don’t receive much rain, a quick rinse with the garden hose will work just as well. This should be done as often as possible, ideally once a week, but it is not as extensive as watering a natural grass lawn. A few minutes spent quickly hosing down the turf will be sufficient to clear it of dust and other particles, and will leave you with a clean and beautiful artificial grass lawn.

Spot Cleaning

The best way to extend your artificial turf’s lifespan and reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do is by spot cleaning accidents as they happen. Your backyard is a place to play and socialize, but sometimes this can mean spills or accidents that damage a specific area of the turf. It’s important that, in the case of a spill, you clean the area as quickly as you can to avoid it leaving a stain. Blot any liquids that have spilled and remove any solids. Rinse the affected areas with a mixture of water and mild household detergent or soap to clean the spot. If the spilled substance resists the detergent, try cleaning it with a 3% solution of ammonia mixed with water. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse down the area with clean, cold water. By cleaning accidents as they happen, you can avoid stains, damaged blades, and the need for future reparative maintenance. 

Whenever you invest in your home, you need to perform proper maintenance in order to protect your investment and preserve its value. Artificial grass is the same; maintenance is certainly not required for it to remain green, but it will extend its lifespan and keep your home looking as beautiful as possible. Synthetic turf generally lasts about 20-25 years depending on use, but this can be further extended with diligent care and maintenance. To learn more about artificial grass products and how they would work for your Laguna Niguel home, give us a call at (866) 237-8873. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.