How Long Can Your Artificial Grass Installer Take to Finish Your Installation?

A common misconception about artificial grass installation projects is their duration. Many property owners assume that installing synthetic grass will always be a long process encompassing several days, but this isn’t true in every instance. Some projects can be completed swiftly by a skilled artificial grass installer and only take a day or two. Ultimately, how long an artificial grass installation takes depends on several factors.  

Lawn Accessibility 

Lawn accessibility is crucial in determining the length of your artificial turf installation project. If your installation team can easily access your lawn without trouble, things should go smoothly, and your project should be completed quickly. However, if your yard isn’t easily accessible and your synthetic grass installers are obstructed in some way, your project length is more significant and may even extend to several days. 

Edging Preferences

One of the numerous design choices you’ll have to make during artificial grass installation is deciding on a landscape edging style. If you choose a more complex curved edging, your synthetic grass will likely take longer to install. This type of edging typically demands more preparation and time to be executed. 

The Size of Your Lawn

Before your artificial grass can be installed, your artificial grass installers will have to remove your existing lawn. The removal process can take an entire day or more for larger lawns. On the other hand, smaller yards can be taken out in less than a day. 

After removing your lawn, your installation service will install the base, which usually takes half a day or a whole day in some cases. Once this step is done, your installers will lay out your artificial grass, adding another day to your project if you have a more sizable lawn.

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