How Do Putting Greens Elevate Your Children’s Playtime?

These days, it’s increasingly difficult to motivate children to get outside and play. Accessible technologies keep kids indoors, and unless you have a local playground or sports team, there aren’t many areas they can go to on their own.

Installing artificial turf in Orange County is a fun way to inspire kids to leave their tech behind and head into the fresh air. Synthetic grass allows homeowners to install a custom putting green in their backyards without the hassle or cost of daily upkeep. 

Backyard putting greens provide a safe, clean, and fun environment where kids can play for hours. There’s no need to travel or pay for country club memberships. Your kids can hop out the door and into their private putting course.

Read on to discover why backyard putting greens made with synthetic grass products is the perfect solution for your kids!

Engineered Without Toxic Chemicals

A parent’s first concern is their child’s safety. Grizzly Turf & Pavers offers only American-made artificial grass products, engineered and tested to the highest safety standards. All products are non-toxic and lead-free for guaranteed safety.

Natural grass lawns require regular maintenance to preserve their lush hues and soft texture. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are a normal part of lawn care. However, these chemicals can be dangerous for children and pets.

Synthetic grass eliminates the need for these chemicals due to its low-maintenance design. All you have to do is rinse your backyard putting green a few times a month to keep it shining. Your kids will enjoy a PGA-quality course without the risks!

Injury-Free Play Area

While golf isn’t known for being a rough game, synthetic grass putting greens provide extra peace of mind to Orange County parents. It is designed to minimize fall risks and protect your children if they take a tumble.

Advanced drainage systems prevent puddles from collecting after rainstorms, while individual fibers are engineered to reduce how slippery your landscape becomes. When correctly installed, your children will have an even, hazard-free environment in which to play.

Extra padding can be installed beneath synthetic grass to add a layer of fall protection. The experts at Grizzly Turf & Pavers can quickly install premium artificial putting greens in your Orange County home.

Make Health & Fitness Fun

Kids of all ages can enjoy golf! It doesn’t require any special skills or intense athleticism. Even better, it allows children to practice crucial skills safely, including agility, hand-eye coordination, focus, patience, and balance.

Children who engage in physical outdoor activities when they’re young are more likely to maintain healthy habits when they’re adults. Give them an accessible and fun fitness activity right in their backyard with a custom putting green.

Backyard turf putting greens are a great way to bring the family together or to foster a sense of community for your children. They can invite their friends over for a few rounds of golf before enjoying a much-deserved meal.

Grizzly Turf & Pavers can manage every step of synthetic grass installation, from sourcing high-quality materials to the final stake. Connect with our dedicated professionals to give your kids a personal putt-putt course!

Pro-Quality Putting Greens with Artificial Turf

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Connect with our dedicated team to design and install a backyard putting green in Orange County. We cater each installation to your lawn size and needs. You can even select the hole layout, rough placement, and general design.

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