How Can Financing Simplify Your Synthetic Grass Installation?

Artificial turf installation is no mean financial feat. Even though synthetic grass pays for itself within a two-year timeframe, thanks to its reduced maintenance costs, it requires considerable upfront costs, which can feel intimidating. 

If you’re looking for a financially-friendly approach to artificial grass installation, your best choice is financing. Grizzly Turf & Pavers provides a range of financing options to suit your budget, making it possible for everyone to increase their property value.

Financing your synthetic turf installation offers benefits beyond lower up-front costs. Read on to explore how financing can simplify your artificial grass landscape.  

Complete Cost Coverage

Achieve a picture-perfect synthetic grass lawn without breaking your wallet by financing the whole project. Quickly cover the cost of materials, installation, and even taxes with the right package. Grizzly Turf & Pavers works with Hearth to provide loans of up to $100,000.

Financing your synthetic grass installation gets you the lawn of your dreams faster and with less hassle. The money saved upfront can be invested into the minimal maintenance resources you’ll need to keep it looking freshly grown.

Payment Terms That Work for You

Job costs and budgets vary from person to person, so flexibility is essential. Financing your artificial turf installation provides flexible terms that can be designed to suit your situation. This increases accessibility to the joys of turf grass.

Choosing the term length that fits your budget opens the door to synthetic turf installation projects you might not otherwise have afforded. Financing prevents you from having to make unwanted concessions to your property’s appearance.

Helpful Payment Structure

Artificial turf financing offers flexibility in more than one way. Choose the payment plan that matches your cash flow so you can make a stress-free investment in your landscape.

Grizzly Turf & Pavers offers affordable monthly payment options and funding within three days; you can start your installation today with no hassle. What’s better, synthetic turf provides a freshly grown appearance that will last long after your final monthly payment.

Manufacturing Warranty

High-quality synthetic turf lasts up to 20 years. That’s why Grizzly Turf & Pavers provides a 15-year warranty. If any manufacturing defects emerge, your investment is covered.

This extra guarantee offers a sense of security for nervous homeowners who want the benefits of artificial grass. There’s no need to worry when you’re covered for over a decade. 

Financing Makes Artificial Turf Accessible

The upfront cost of synthetic grass installation isn’t a problem when you finance your project. It makes pristine artificial grass lawns accessible to everyone via 100 percent cost coverage, flexible terms and payments, and warranties.

Grizzly Turf & Pavers works with Hearth to provide the best turf financing solution for your budget and situation. We offer a 15-year warranty, no prepayment penalties and funding within three days.

Begin your installation with a simple prequalification process that does not affect your credit score. Contact us at 866-237-8873 or online for your synthetic turf quote.