Expert Tips for Creating the Ideal Backyard Putting Green

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, you may be racking your mind trying to figure out what innovative ideas you can incorporate. The solution to your problems may be closer than you think by installing an artificial turf putting green in your backyard! Having a backyard putting green is a great feature for homes, whether you are a seasoned golf professional or a casual hobbyist looking for a fun and simple outdoor activity. If the idea of a synthetic grass putting green interests you, then you may want to consider utilizing the services of an experienced artificial turf installation service, such as the experts at Grizzly Turf & Pavers. By entrusting your putting green installation with an expert, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches in trying to do it yourself. However, just because someone else is installing your artificial turf putting green doesn’t mean that you won’t have a say in how it gets done. Here are some tips that will help you design your dream backyard putting green.

Location, Location, Location

Nobody knows your home and your backyard better than you, so it makes perfect sense for you to be the expert on where to place your new artificial turf putting green. Be sure to pick a design that will fit with the rest of your backyard’s aesthetic and be a perfect match for the intricate details of your backyard. You’ll also want to work closely with your installation professionals to make sure that your putting green is placed in the best possible location and that it is installed properly.

Consider the Space You Have Available

When working with artificial turf installation experts, it is important to provide them with as much information about your backyard as possible. This includes the dimensions of the backyard and how much space they will have available to work on. By providing exact dimensions, you will ensure that your professional will give accurate recommendations for your project, preventing you from stressing out in the long run. Along with your budget, it is important to have size considerations when planning your artificial turf putting green installation and to communicate them to your installer as soon as possible. 

Get Creative

The design process doesn’t end when your new artificial turf putting green is installed. Once the installation is complete, you can now personalize your putting green and make it your own! Customized tee markers and signage can give your backyard putting green that personal touch that will make you feel like you’re playing on your own exclusive golf course. Installing visually stunning light systems can also open up the possibilities for enjoyment at all times of the day. Adding these minor details to your artificial turf putting green will result in major aesthetic appeal for you and your guests!

Once you’ve considered all your options for installing your artificial turf putting green, let the experts at Grizzly Turf & Pavers handle your project with ease and precision. Our team of trained and experienced synthetic grass installation specialists will carry out the vision for your putting green, keeping you in the loop from start to finish. Grizzly Turf & Pavers carries an extensive range of putting green products, including Nylon Putt 2-Tone, Poly Putt 2-Tone, and True Putt, each having distinct features designed to suit even the most experienced golfer. Each of our products is backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty, and all of our installations come with a 100% client satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year guarantee on all labor performed. 

For more information on Grizzly Turf & Pavers’s superior synthetic turf putting greens, contact us by phone at (866) 237-8873, or feel free to reach out to us online. With the experts at Grizzly Turf & Pavers, quality artificial turf installation is a call or click away.