Don’t Settle For Less: Identifying the Most Lifelike Fake Grass in Orange County

Artificial grass is popular due to its lush, freshly-grown appearance and low-maintenance design. Synthetic turf installation in Orange County is a long-term investment for your home. Ensuring you make the right investment requires the right turf products.

There are several factors to consider when exploring turf options, from backings to drainage and even pile height (the length of fake grass blades). This may seem like a lot, but if you do it right, you won’t have to worry about landscape maintenance for 10-15 years.

We’ve simplified the process with an artificial turf guide to help you choose the perfect turf for your home landscape or business. Read on for the key to making a satisfying investment in synthetic grass.

Quality Turf Backings

Let’s start from the back — the turf backing, that is. This feature is the foundation for your artificial turf lawn. It creates an even base for your landscape and holds turf fibers in place, dictating durability and longevity. Choosing turf with a quality backing is 50 percent of your job.

The traditional turf backing is manufactured from latex/rubber, which has a few downsides. While its heaviness ensures a secure foundation and resistance to heavy winds, it isn’t nearly as adaptable to seasonal changes and can deteriorate quickly.

At Grizzly Turf & Pavers, we prefer backings made from polyurethane. It’s sprayed on and dries quickly, creating a more durable product that withstands intense Orange County summers. Our premium artificial turf products come with polyurethane backings that protect turf fibers against the weather.

Efficient Drainage Systems

Installing synthetic turf with efficient drainage systems is critical to keeping your landscape clean and dry. It’s essential for pet turf, as pet messes can create undesirable odors over time without proper drainage.

Artificial grass with efficient drainage allows water to move quickly through the turf fibers and drain into the soil beneath. These systems have the added benefit of improving airflow and cooling the surface temperature during hot Orange County summers.

Grizzly Turf & Pavers provides high-quality turf products with drainage systems to keep your backyard clean and cool for years.

UV-Resistant Design

UV-resistant turf is significant for Orange County residents. During hot California summers, unequipped turf products will fade and deteriorate due to overexposure to the sun. Even worse, the surface temperature can become uncomfortable to walk on.

Grizzly Turf & Pavers provides UV-treated synthetic grass, ensuring your new landscape can withstand the scorching summers. It helps cool your turf fibers, comforting your family and furry friends. It’s hard to host a BBQ when your lawn is too hot!

Don’t allow your artificial turf landscape to deteriorate before it’s time. Install UV-resistant turf from Grizzly Turf & Pavers.

Turf Texture

Turf texture is a cousin to heat resistance, as this trait dictates how comfortable your lawn is to walk, lounge or work out on. Sub-par turf products can feel scratchy and uncomfortable, discouraging your family and pets from enjoying your backyard.

Our residential turf is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass blades. This gentle construction ensures a soft, cushioned texture for feet and paw pads. It has the added benefit of boosting your synthetic turf’s durability.

Invest in artificial turf with proper texture and design to boost longevity and ensure a satisfying experience with your synthetic grass landscape in Orange County.

Density and Pile Height

The final clues to artificial grass quality are pile height and density. These factors impact longevity, durability and overall satisfaction with your turf landscape.

Investing in turf products with a high density and a low pile height is best for high-traffic areas. The opposite is true for low-traffic areas. Knowing the purpose of your synthetic turf installation will help you make the right decisions for pile height and density. 

Grizzly Turf & Pavers offers custom synthetic grass installation, allowing you to choose which areas need high-traffic and low-traffic turf options. Create your ideal oasis in Orange County with function-dependent synthetic turf options.

Premium Turf in Orange County

Designing the perfect home paradise is easier than ever with Grizzly Turf & Pavers. Our friendly professionals walk you through the artificial grass installation process, sharing recommendations based on your needs and goals.

We offer high-quality synthetic turf installation to Laguna Niguel residents and the broader Orange County community. Call us at 866-237-8873 or contact us online for a free quote.