4 Reasons Artificial Turf Quality Affects Your Putting Green

Never settle for anything less than the best, especially when picking an artificial grass putting green for your home. While choosing a world-class artificial turf putting green will require looking into numerous options and weighing several factors, homeowners should primarily focus on the synthetic turf products and materials used to create the putting green. 

A putting green that uses low-grade, unreliable products will perform poorly, while one that features highly-rated artificial grass will thrive and provide a satisfying golfing experience for homeowners. The quality of a synthetic grass putting green is determined mainly by its synthetic grass, which has a substantial visual and functional effect on your golfing surface. 


Low-quality putting greens tend to all have a fake, unrealistic aesthetic that can be off-putting and noticeable to onlookers. That’s because these types of putting greens often use synthetic grass made of cheaper polyethylene and polymers that don’t look like the real thing. 

On the other hand, the best and most realistic artificial grass putting greens feature premium synthetic turf that uses high-quality polypropylene. This gives them a more natural look and feel that closely resembles what you see on professional golf courses. 


A putting green made from inferior artificial turf products won’t be able to hold up to extensive use and will require frequent maintenance and repairs. This means that you and your family will have less time to enjoy your putting green due to the constant disruptions needed to address performance issues. 

World-class artificial turf products prioritize durability and can withstand high usage under the most demanding conditions. Putting greens that feature these types of products will have a longer lifespan and are less prone to damage, allowing for endless, uninterrupted entertainment for your household.


Golfers want a putting green that can provide a realistic and enjoyable playing experience. This is only possible with artificial turf built with recreational activity in mind. Artificial putting greens that are unsatisfying to play on often feature synthetic grass not intended for or capable of handling golf use. The most fun putting greens to golf on are made from artificial grass meant for sporting activity because of their realism and durability. 

Installation Quality Also Matters

Ensuring a long-lasting, incredible artificial putting green requires more than exceptional synthetic grass. Installation quality also plays a significant role in the success of a putting green, and homeowners will need to hire an experienced team of installers capable of overseeing such a project. Reliable artificial turf installers who know what they’re doing can guarantee a smooth, successful installation with excellent results and a stunning putting green you can be proud of. 

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