3 Ways Synthetic Grass Improves Your Pet’s Hygiene

Pet owners are increasingly turning to synthetic grass to serve as a surface for their furry companions because of its many benefits that make life easier for everyone. While artificial turf’s durability is a feature often glowingly highlighted by pet owners, its cleanliness is another valuable aspect of synthetic grass that makes it well-suited for pets. Pets tend to make a mess when they play, but this isn’t an issue with artificial grass, which will keep your furry companion spotless and improve their hygiene. 

Stop Bacteria with Artificial Grass Infill

Due to frequent mold and mildew growth, bacteria are often present on natural grass surfaces. This means that your pet’s health is at risk anytime they’re on natural grass. A dirty and unhealthy playing environment is the last thing any pet owner wants for their furry companion. 

Ensure a hygienic setting that keeps your pet tidy and healthy by installing synthetic grass. Many artificial grass surfaces are installed with an anti-bacterial infill that prevents bacteria formation and reduces the threat of contaminants. 

No Water, No Problems Thanks to Synthetic Grass Drainage 

A wet natural grass surface and pets are a terrible mix, especially during playtime. Pets tend to dig and run around freely without any thought about hygiene or cleanliness, which can lead to a muddy mess on them and throughout your property.    

Such a scenario is unlikely with synthetic grass, even on rainy days. Artificial grass features efficient drainage, meaning your surface will never have persistent wet spots or bodies of water that your pet can accidentally interact with when playing. Your pets and property will substantially benefit hygienically with less water on your surface. 

Easy Cleanup with Artificial Pet Turf

Pets often use outdoor surfaces as a place where they can relieve themselves. When done on natural grass, this activity can leave bacteria, stains and odors that are difficult to eliminate and jeopardize your pet’s hygiene.  

Artificial pet turf is a much more sanitary surface, as it is odorless and stain-free. A quick rinse is all pet owners must do once their furry companion relieves themselves to ensure a clean and hygienic surface. 

Preserve your pet’s long-term health by providing them with a hygienic surface that doesn’t put them at risk. Get pet turf installed today by contacting Grizzly Turf & Pavers – we’re world-class artificial grass installation service providers who always deliver stunning results. We use only the highest quality artificial grass products and have successfully worked with many Laguna Niguel and Orange County residents with their residential artificial grass installation projects. We have zero doubt that our exceptional team of professional artificial grass installers and synthetic turf products will deliver a surface that you and your pet will love. Give us a call at (866) 237-8873, or reach out to us online to learn more about our artificial grass installations and products.