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Tips for Installing Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Small Spaces

Private putting greens have increased in popularity amongst property owners over recent years. However, it may seem impossible for homeowners with small yards to have their personal putting green due to a lack of space.  Fortunately, this isn’t true, thanks to artificial grass. Artificial turf allows homeowners to have their own artificial grass putting green, […]

The 5 Best Questions to Ask Your Next Artificial Grass Installer

In the past 10 years, artificial grass has skyrocketed in popularity. Property owners across the country are quickly switching out their natural grass landscapes for synthetic grass with the object of saving costs and enjoying a more aesthetically-pleasing outdoor experience.  However, this rise in demand has resulted in a surge of questionable artificial turf installers. […]

Is Doing Your Own Artificial Grass Installation Worth It?

Artificial grass is surging in popularity across the country — and for a good reason. The efficiency and aesthetic benefits of synthetic grass are enticing home and business owners to make the switch and increase their property’s curb appeal.  However, with property owners’ desire to acquire synthetic grass comes the desire to install it on […]

Benefits of Choosing Grizzly Turf as Your Artificial Grass Installer

At Grizzly Turf, our goal is to educate and empower everyone who visits our company to make the switch to artificial turf, a sustainable and cost-effective resource for homes and businesses everywhere. Our desire to bring joy to home and business owners throughout Orange County and Southern California through artificial grass is the reason we […]

When is the Best Time to Contract an Artificial Grass Installer?

A primary concern that home and business owners have when considering installing artificial turf has got to be timing. More often than not, people want to know the right time to have an artificial grass installer come to their property and execute their synthetic grass project.  At Grizzly Turf, we understand that prospective synthetic grass […]

How Do Artificial Grass Installers Measure Your Landscape?

Are you considering adding artificial turf to your home? Perhaps you’re unsure about where to start. Nowadays, it feels like you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone calling themselves an artificial grass installer. However, how do you know if your artificial grass installer is effective? One critical way of finding the proper artificial turf […]

How Can Artificial Grass Improve Your Mental Health?

When we think of taking care of ourselves, we think of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. However, very seldom do we think about taking care of our mental health. We only think about our mental health when we’re in a moment of crisis, and we usually don’t know why the crisis is happening.  […]

Disproving Myths About Artificial Grass and the Environment

Now more than ever, it is widely known that artificial turf is the clear choice for sustainable landscaping, especially in drought-ridden areas like Orange County. Since its introduction in the 1960s, numerous studies have been conducted proving the effectiveness of synthetic turf, concentrating on its environmental impact.  However, despite the many advancements made in the […]

Three Common Mistakes Made by Installing Your Own Synthetic Grass

Many Orange County homeowners have contemplated installing artificial turf on their own without the assistance of an artificial grass installer. However, to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in the film “Jurassic Park,” property owners can be preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they don’t stop to think if they should.  Fixation on saving money and […]