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How Much Can I Save By Installing Artificial Grass?

How much can I save by installing artificial grass? It’s one of our most frequently asked questions, and our answer is always the same. A lot. You can save a lot. Artificial grass eliminates the need for fertilizing, mowing, and trimming your lawn in addition to conserving water. But that’s just a lot of words. […]

Artificial Grass for Commercial Installations

In Southern California, many homeowners make the switch to artificial grass for a variety of reasons, including water conservation and beautification. That being said, the benefits of an artificial grass lawn covers more than just your home. It’s an eco-friendly, water-wise, and practical option for commercial properties as well. With commercial turf landscape installations, you […]

The Low-Down About the Grizzly Difference

Installing artificial turf on your residential or commercial property is an investment, and you want to make it a good one. We get it! We want to make it a good one just as much as you do. That’s the Grizzly Difference. Here at Grizzly Turf, we’re not satisfied until our customers are. High-Quality Synthetic […]

Personalized Putting Bliss

Practicing your short game has never been easier! With our putting green installations, you can have personalized bliss right in your backyard. We proudly offer courses for all types of play and skill levels. Whether you are a serious golf aficionado or just want to golf for fun, your short game can meet your A-game […]

5 Tips for Better Outdoor Water Conservation

As summer comes to an end, there are no more excuses for using too much water. Although California is no longer in a drought, it’s still best to be environmentally conscious while saving some money on your water bill.  Here are 5 ways you can optimize your water consumption in your home in the yard […]


What do grizzly bears and your lovable pets have in common? How much they love Grizzly Turf! We get countless photos from homeowners on Yelp with their dogs having a blast on our installations (unfortunately, we don’t have any cute pictures of grizzly bears on our turf because no one wanted to get close enough, […]


Every homeowner should feel proud of their home. On top of that, every homeowner deserves a beautiful and inviting place to spend their free time. Instead of the typical lawn and swing set, we are going to show you some unique ways to make your yard a cool place to spend your time. #1: The […]