4 Reasons to Install Synthetic Grass Around Your Pool This Summer

The onset of the summer season likely means that you’ll spend most of your time in and around your swimming pool over the next few months. Now is an ideal time to consider getting work done on your pool area to maximize your experience and enjoyment.

Artificial grass is the perfect landscaping for a pool deck. Artificial grass installation will enhance the look and function of your pool area while also providing several other benefits.

Synthetic Grass Prevents Slippages

Surfaces around swimming pools tend to get wet and slippery after frequent use. Slick, wet surfaces threaten the safety of you and your loved ones by increasing the chances of slippages. 

An artificial turf pool deck helps you avoid slippages with the help of efficient drainage. Artificial grass never gets too wet or slippery no matter how much water gets on it. You and your children can play as hard as you want in and around your pool without fear of injury caused by a slip. 

Clean and Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass

Most of your time outside this summer should be spent using your pool and not maintaining it. Synthetic grass is the ideal landscape choice for a pool area as it is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much time or commitment to maintain. 

Surfaces like natural grass require time-consuming maintenance activities like regular watering, mowing and trimming to preserve their function and appearance. This isn’t the case with artificial turf, which stays clean without much effort from pool owners. 

Unlike natural grass, you also won’t have to use fertilizers or weed killers on your synthetic turf. If these materials ever make their way into your swimming pool, they can cause great harm and make it an unsafe place to swim in. 

A synthetic turf pool deck will save you a ton of time and money and allow you to enjoy your swimming pool rather than focus on pesky maintenance work.

Artificial Turf Gives a Unique Aesthetic

With how much time you’re likely to spend at your pool area this summer, you’ll want it to look as good as possible. Most pool areas share the same concrete aesthetic that often looks plain and unexciting. 

You can spice up your pool area with artificial grass installation to create a refreshing and appealing aesthetic that will impress onlookers. Synthetic grass is a stunning surface that will elevate the look of any pool area. 

Clean and Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf is Chemical-Resistant

Swimming pools require the use of chemicals to remain clean and free of bacteria. These chemicals can damage surfaces like natural grass if exposed to them and ruin the overall look of your pool deck. 

As synthetic grass is resistant to many chemicals, you won’t ever have to worry about your pool cleaning products mistakenly killing your turf surface. 

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3 Reasons Your Vacation Home Will Benefit from Artificial Grass Installation

Anyone who owns a vacation home can attest to the benefits of having a property where you can get away to relax and have fun, especially during difficult times. A vacation home can help give us that occasional escape we all need from the stress and chaos of daily life. 

However, owning a vacation property isn’t without its set of challenges. Most of your time is spent away from your vacation home, so looking after it can be difficult. Areas like your property’s yard are particularly troublesome and costly to maintain if you have a natural grass surface. 

Time at your vacation home should be spent on relaxation and entertainment instead of cumbersome maintenance work. Luckily, artificial grass installation in your vacation home saves valuable time, money and numerous other benefits. 

Artificial Turf Reduces Maintenance Costs

Although you only spend a limited amount of time at your vacation home, you’ll still need to maintain it all year long if you have a natural grass lawn. 

Natural grass never stops growing and will require regular watering, mowing and fertilizing to preserve its appearance. This takes up much of your time and will cost you quite a bit of money to deal with. 

Avoid high maintenance costs with synthetic grass. Artificial grass is low maintenance and doesn’t require extensive upkeep to maintain its stunning appearance and incredible performance. 

Your water usage is significantly reduced with synthetic grass as it only needs an occasional rinse. Using less water means that monthly utility bills won’t be as expensive as they are with natural grass surfaces. 

Synthetic Grass Adds Entertainment Your Home

Outdoor games and activities guarantee a great time on vacation for the whole family – there’s no better surface for outdoor entertainment than synthetic grass.  

Artificial grass can be utilized to accommodate various backyard sports and games, providing you with countless entertainment options for any need. Whether it’s a backyard putting green or a play area for your pets, artificial turf can transform your outdoor space to deliver hours of entertainment. 

Artificial Grass Increases Your Home’s Value

You might not always own your current vacation home, so maximizing its value should always be at the top of your mind. Synthetic grass is one of the best investments you can make for your vacation property and its value. 

Artificial turf features impressive longevity and can serve as a long-term surface for your yard. Installing synthetic turf is a worthwhile investment, as you’re providing your vacation property with landscaping built to last for many years. 

Artificial grass’ stunning aesthetic and efficient functionality also benefits your home’s curb appeal and value. If the time ever comes to sell your vacation home, synthetic grass will make your property more enticing to prospective buyers, and you’ll be able to get more from it. 

Transform your vacation home into the ideal property for relaxation and fun with artificial grass installation. Grizzly Turf & Pavers is an industry leader in synthetic grass installations, so we’re the perfect partner for any project you have in mind. We have a long record of success collaborating with Laguna Niguel and Orange County residents on residential and commercial artificial grass installation projects. You won’t find a synthetic grass installer with better results because we go into every project equipped with world-class artificial turf products committed to delivering a stunning, long-lasting surface guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Give us a call at (866) 237-8873, or reach out to us online to learn more about our artificial grass installations and products.